Twelfth Night at Chicago Shakespeare Theater

Twelfth Night Tickets

Chicago Shakespeare Theatre | Chicago, Illinois

Twelfth Night

The premier musical theatre is now coming to Chicago Shakespeare Theatre on the Thursday 9th November 2023. Chicago Shakespeare Theatre will host Twelfth Night for a truly incredible performance. If you're a fan of theatre, there is no reason for you you can miss this event. Twelfth Night has received appreciation from experts, stating that is one of the premier displays of musical theatre they have seen all fall. The unbelievable cast makes it a highly anticipated event! Ticket demand is high, so if you're looking for tickets, buy them ASAP because they are expected to be sold out immediately!

Theatre is a sophisticated expression of a basic human need -- one might call it an instinct -- to copy, to project stories onto ourselves and others, and to create meaning through narrative and metaphor. We see this instinct expressed in children when they act out real or imagined characters and events. We have evidence of theatre-like rituals in some of the oldest human cultures, long before the creation of Western theatre in Ancient Greece. So theatre matters, in essence, because we can't help it. It's part of what makes us human. So if you want to satisfy that natural human desire, come to the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre in Chicago to see one of the greatest shows ever, Twelfth Night on Thursday 9th November 2023.

Twelfth Night at Chicago Shakespeare Theatre

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